Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Love Sidewalk Chalk!

I really like to bring as much of an opportunity for art into my children's lives as I can. These can mean anything from taking them to a museum, to something as small as making sure that they have access to art supplies. Sidewalk chalk is a perfect way to bring art outdoors for toddlers.

Ollie really loves his sidewalk chalk. I keep a covered plastic container of it on the porch. That way, when he is playing outside he can just grab it and get down to business whenever he feels like it.

Our house has these really interesting little pavers that make up the walkway up to the driveway. He really likes to color insde them. I also use them to write out numbers or letters. Now looking at these photos, I think we could make a great turtle, or a soccer ball!

His birthday is coming up, and I plan to get up really early before Ollie does, and make a huge dinosaur in the driveway. That way he can look ot his window and see it on his birthday morning (his birthday is a dinosaur theme this year).

What are some ways that you have been able to bring art outdoors for your children?

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  1. We love sidewalk chalk at our house, too! Another art activity my kids like is painting outside, even if it's just paintbrushes dipped in water.