Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dinosaur ROAR!

Ollie's 3rd birthday party is this Saturday, and it is a dinosaur theme.
So, we are doing all things dinosaur this week for crafts.
Today we made two crafty dinosaurs that we will be hanging as decorations for the party.
I downloaded a template for the first dinosaur from the All Kids Network here.

Then I copied it by free handing it on heavy weight construction paper with a black marker. Next I asked Ollie to color it in, and then glue "spots" on it.

Next he applied little pom poms to the spots.
We added a googly eye and then started the next one!

I just free handed this triceratops
(I guess I have been staring at a lot of dinosaurs lately, since Ollie is so obsessed!)

Next he colored it in,

Then we added another googly eye.
(Something about these eyes makes Ollie laugh like crazy!)

More glue for spots,

And there we have it! (Please excuse the runny nose!)

We will make a few each day this week.
After they dry we will cut them out and hang them as decorations
for our little birthday party!


  1. adorable! I'm a new reader, but I love your stuff :) Keep it coming!

  2. These dinosaurs are great! Happy Birthday to Ollie :)

  3. Hello

    I noticed your blog listed on Preschool Playbook, so I have popped over and am so happy that I did.

    What perfect dinosaur decorations for your little boys birthday party.

    I have enjoyed looking through the creative ideas on your blog and will be visiting again soon.