Monday, June 8, 2009

A is for Alligator

Here is a fun craft that we are going to do for our alphabet comprehension.

card stock
colored or scrapbooking paper
googly eye

When we craft I try to reuse materials so that my out-of-pocket expenses are minimal.

Ollie's grandad sent him a book in the mail the other day and
the cardboard that he packaged it in was perfect for this idea.

First I drew an A about 5" high on bright yellow cardstock and cut it out. I asked Ollie if he thought the alligator should be eating the A and he said yet and got very excited.

Next I freehanded an alligator shape on the cardboard.

I let Ollie go to town on the alligator with a glue stick.
Next, he placed little triangles that I had cut out of scrapbook paper all over the alligator.

Then he glued on a googley eye, and pasted the A in the alligator's mouth.

A few final artistic flourishes,

and VOILA!

Hmmm . . what shall the B be for?


  1. Such a cute idea...and an even cuter blog. Looking forward to more. I just might try this with my son.

  2. What a great alligator! Wonderful craft!