Thursday, June 18, 2009

Funky Playdough Caterpillar

So you know when your toddler has basically mish-mashed all of the playdough colors into one? Well, here is a fun idea that I found (somewhere, long ago, PLEASE FORGIVE ME because I can't possibly remember where).

Playdough Caterpillar

Roll play dough into balls about golf-ball size.

Use a skewer (Mommy or Daddy does this part) to push a hole through the middle.

Next comes the hard part--put the balls on a windowsill out of reach of little hands for a few days to dry. Ollie would ask me over and over--is it dry yet???

When the balls have hardened, help your little one to string them on a pipe cleaner. depending on the size of your play dough balls (or the number) you may have to link two pipe cleaners together.

Next, fashion antennae out of a pipe cleaner. (Don't forget to twist the ends so that the balls do not come off.



  1. What a great idea! It turned out so cute!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have posted links to some videos I found online for making goo and flubber in the comments section of that post. I never remember to take pictures of my own!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Mary Anne and O.J.! Allison--thanks for posting the videos--I'll check them out today! Pssst . . . my name is Allison too!